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I am committed to providing my clients with the guidance and consistent service needed in developing, implementing, and maintaining a comprehensive business and individual strategy.

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Personal Background

I live in Franklin Township on the southside of Indianapolis with my wonderful wife Lindsey and our 4 young children.  I’m originally from southern Indiana, but I moved to Indianapolis in 2005 to attend the University of Indianapolis.  I met my wife during our freshman year at UIndy, and we made Indianapolis our home.  Prior to becoming a financial advisor, I taught chemistry and physics for 3 years at Ben Davis High School on the westside of Indianapolis while also coaching the pole vault at UIndy.  I am still able to coach pole vaulting part time at UIndy.  I enjoy getting to spend time with and mentor the student athletes.
Outside of work, I spend most of my time hanging out with my wife and kids.  We enjoy having people over and grilling out on our back deck.  We attend St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in downtown Indianapolis and are very active parishioners there.  My Catholic faith is the most important thing in my life and it makes me who I am.

Professional Mission Statement

"My professional mission is to serve as a guiding voice, encouraging clients to provide for themselves and their loved ones in all circumstances and through all phases of life, and to put themselves into a position of thriving financially."
To achieve this mission, I simply meet with potential clients to help determine their goals, their concerns, and their current financial situation.  From there, I offer guidance about how to advance through the following financial priorities.
Survive : This is about simply being able to provide all the necessities for yourself and whoever you are responsible for.  I cannot help you do this; I just want to make sure you are doing it.
Protect :  This is about always being able to survive, even if bad things happen.  Protection looks different in different phases of life, but I feel it is always important.  I help my clients create and implement a protection plan based on their current phase of life.
Build :  This is about building up financial wealth and security.  Two ways to build are to save money and to pay off debt.  I create strategies designed to help my clients build in the most efficient manner possible for their own situation.
Thrive :  This is about using your financial wealth wisely to do and to accomplish things that are important to you.  In my mission statement, I call this a “position of generosity”.  In this position, surviving is not a concern, so you are able to use significant resources to be generous in whatever way is appropriate for you.  Not everybody makes it to this position, but it is my goal to help clients progress towards it.  When thriving, I help my clients align their financial wealth with their life goals.
In summary, by offering guidance and encouragement, I help people plan to thrive financially.  Which financial position are you currently in?  How can I help you advance?

Small Business

Everything stated above regarding individuals and families also pertains to small business owners.  However, small business owners also have some responsibility for the well-being of their business and employees.  Along with these additional responsibilities, come some additional tools that can be used to address them.  Small business owners and their employees have access to group insurance plans and group retirement plans.  I team up with a veteran colleague to serve the unique needs of small business owners.  We essentially serve as a resource to help small businesses design and implement a benefits packages that addresses the concerns of the owner and employees.  We also volunteer to meet individually with any employee who would be interested in receiving guidance and encouragement regarding their own financial situation.  If you have questions about how I may be able to help you or your small business, don’t hesitate to call or send me an e-mail.


Retirement is a big part of financial planning. It is likely the largest objective most people will ever save for. It is likely the most significant financial transition most people will go through. I find this to be an area of planning where I can help greatly.

The four financial priorities listed above still stand, but they start over. Survival is a high priority, but it looks a lot different once you stop working to earn an income. Once you have a good plan for surviving in retirement, you still need to protect that ability. The threats to financial survival change in retirement, but they still exist and should be addressed. Building is usually much less significant in retirement because during working years you were largely building assets for retirement. During retirement, you are using these assets to survive, protect, and to hopefully thrive. Thriving in retirement is what everyone looks forward to, but it usually doesn't happen without prior planning. Being confident that your plan to survive retirement is thorough and well protected, gives you freedom to use your resources on what is most important to you.

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